Kundalini Yoga | Body, Mind, Spirit
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Kundalini Yoga is a unique & profound practice. Its therapeutic effect is produced from the awakening of the kundalini or divine energy that resides in each & every person at the base of the spine. Once awakened & released the energy resonates life force to areas of the mind and body not normally reached, bringing all the parts of yourself together, in union and present to everything around you.


Practice with Intention.

The power of intention guides through the combination of postures, pranayama and meditation. The human experience is loaded with pain of attachment, suffering and trauma, by playing with our Kundalini energy we can learn to release these feelings challenging & changing our perception of reality.


Classes are for everyone

Adapted to individual or group needs, simple or challenging, focussed on physical or emotional intentions, they can include dance, make you sweat, test your mental stamina and can provide a magnified experience of your unique reality.

  • Private Yoga Classes  –
  • Group Yoga Classes  –
  • Corporate Yoga  –
  • Workshops



The beginnings of my yoga practice came late in life. Years of designing in front of computer screens and a couple of car accidents had produced several issues in my spine. Feeling fragile physically I first began Pilates “in Machines” which then led to a Hatha Vinyasa practice.

A few years later, with growing faith in the principles and sutras of yoga I attended a workshop with Gurmukh. It was my first introduction to Kundalini Yoga. During the workshop childhood memories flooded my mind and I experienced a whole spectrum of emotions from rage to ridiculousness. I was hooked and after practising with Juliette Campbell-Allard at Yoga con Gracia I began a formation with Sat Guru Kaur and Karta Singh and received the AEKY Instructor Certificate.

My classes and approach is practical in nature, we do not need perfection only acceptance to fully enjoy life. Yoga allows us to experiment on the mat with the opportunities and challenges we face in our day to day life. Classes and workshops open this enriching space for students to experiment and experience for themselves.

In collaboration with madeofyoga.es and with my years of experience as a technology consultant I can also provide design thinking workshops for business that merge meditation and movement with ideation and strategy.

Get in touch!

I enjoy both teaching groups as well as individual sessions. If you want to practise yoga with me — don’t hesitate to fill the form below